Culture Night 2015
Africa Centre at Culture Night 2015
Engaging Ireland’s African Diaspora Leaders
Engaging Ireland’s African Diaspora Leaders in Development Discourse 2015 - 2016
Intercultural Youth Society, Africa Centre
Dublin's Intercultural Youth Society Delegates
Africa Liberation Day in Kilkenny
Africa Liberation Day celebrations on June 14th in collaboration with the Kilkenny African Community

Welcome To The Africa Centre

Africa Centre is a national voluntary organisation with its head office based in Dublin. It is a membership organisation focusing on four main areas. These areas include facilitating community dialogue and participation for the effective integration of Africans in Ireland, promoting the inclusion of multiple African perspectives in development education discourse, informing and influencing policy and practice for the integration of Africans in Ireland and at the European level, and finally creating a more enabling policy environment for the effective integration of Africans in Ireland and Africans' contribution to the development of Africa and to strengthen Africa Centre's capacity to work effectively as an organisation.

News and Articles

  • Africa Centre Vacancy - Public Engagement Officer (volunteer)

    The Africa Centre is looking for a Public Engagement Officer.

    Interested applicants should email a short CV and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 22nd September 2015. For detailed information see attached job description.

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  • Culture Night 2015 at Africa Centre

    Africa Centre invites you to Culture Night 2015 at the Methodist Church Hall on Lower Abbey Street, opposite the Abbey Street Luas stop. The event is starting from 7pm. Come and enjoy African Drumming lessons, dance some African lyrics and have cup of tea or coffee with snacks.

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  • Wildly wacky Wicklow walk! Intercultural Youth Society

    Walking on grass. Let's go to Wicklow!

    Africa Centre’s Intercultural Youth Society is organising a trip to Wicklow on the 25th of July as part of its summer project.

    A bus will leave Dublin at 10:00a.m. and should be back by 5:00p.m. The return-journey to Wicklow takes two hours.

    The trip will cost 5€ for each participant. Those living in Direct Provision will be charged 2€.

    We will take a 4-hour walk in the Wicklow Mountains to enjoy fresh air and contemplate mind-blowing landscapes. So make sure you have your solid shoes on! We do appreciate some fancy clothing but we will have to do without this time...

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  • Africa Centre Survey
    Africa Centre Survey
    Jun 30 2015

    The Africa centre has launched a survey which seeks to gain insights from members of the African community in Ireland and non-Africans who engage with this community. We would very much appreciate it if you could complete this survey, which will take no longer than 7 minutes.

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  • Engaging African Diaspora Leaders in Development Policy 2015 - 2016

    The Africa Centre received funding from Irish Aid, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotions. The purpose of this funding is to carry out development education activities. These activities will involve discussions with African Diaspora leaders on the new Sustainable Development Agenda (STGs 2016 to 2030) and Ireland’s role in tackling global poverty. The conversations will take place in Galway, Kilkenny, Waterford, Dublin and Balbriggan as a pilot project.

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Africa Also Smiles

Africa Also Smiles


AfricaCentre Ireland
Africa Centre Culture Night in style! Thanks to the over 200people who attended our drumming circles and dance.
AfricaCentre Ireland
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