The Africa Forum is an event organized by the Africa Centre. The event is held annually and involves inviting Africans and other interested people to discuss issues affecting Africans in Ireland. The forum discusses the active participation of Africans at regional counties and links up with their local communities in Ireland. The event has always served as a great opportunity to gather and discuss themes that affect Africans and other minorities in Ireland. Last year we held the Africa Forum on the 16th January 2013 in Dublin and a provisional Africa Council was elected to organize this year’s forum. This year, we seek nominations for the Africa Council. Fourteen council members were elected at the Africa Forum held on the 22nd February 2014 at the Dublin City Council Civics Offices.

Africa Forum 2014: Embracing Leadership in Diverse Communities

Participants at Africa Forum 2014


Africa Forum Panel 2013 Africans in a Changing Ireland

Panel at the Africa Forum 2013: Africans in a Changing Ireland



Participants at Africa Forum 2013 


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