Africa Centre's annual lectures have become key events. They have contributed to the Irish African dialogue and to the education of mixed African and Irish audiences. Lectures have presented an image of Africa by Africans not often heard in mainstream Irish debates. These have featured prominent African speakers. The Lectures are organised on a theme related to southern perspective in development education. Activities are built on the success of the annual public lecture.

Former Speakers at the Africa Centre Annual Lectures:

2003 - Dr. Matthew Kukah, Former Secretary General, Nigerian Bishop's Conference

2004 - Dr. Vincent Magombe, Africa Inform International

2005 - Professor Abdullahi An-Na'im, Emory Law School, Atlanta, USA

2006 - Dr. Tajudeen Adul- Raheem, Secretary General, Global Pan-African Movement

2007 - Professor Ali Mazrui, Director of Institute of Global Cultural Studies, Binghamton University, New York

2008 - Dr. Noel Tagoe, Univerties of Reading and Oxford

2009 - Ms. Massa Washington, Commissioner, Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission

2010 - Ms. Florence Ayisi, Filmmaker and University lecturer

2011 - Professor Augustus Nuwagaba, lecturer at Makerere University and a Consultant with REEV Consult International, Uganda. Title of lecture "Development Policy Aid and Poverty Reduction: Multiple Views from The South".

2015 - Mrs. Sombo Chunda, Associate Member at the Zambian Institute of Chartered Accountants. Country representative at Diakonia Zambia.

2015 - Dr. Padraig Carmordy, Teaches Geography at Trinity College Dublin. Taught at the University of Vermont. Co-directs TCD-UCD Masters in  Development Practice

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