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Statement on International Womens Day Celebrations March 2022

As you may be aware, the International Women’s Day is celebrated the 8th day of March annually and used as a mechanism to raise awareness about the challenges women face globally. This Year, the Celebrations will be held under the theme: “Gender Equality for Sustainable Tomorrow” #Breakthe Bias.


Gender Bias refers to the behaviour that shows favouritism towards one gender over another and it is most often seen in acts that favour Men / Boys over Women/girls, but it doesn’t have to be. In this regard, The Africa Centre Ireland joins the rest of the world in solidarity to Celebrate the women of Africa Decent living in Ireland who have managed to break the barriers of stereotypes and discrimination in the different sectors of Housing, Employment, Health, Education etc.


We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all our Partners, individuals, communities who have supported us financially, physically, or otherwise in our efforts to fight all forms discrimination and stereotyping.


We as the Africa Centre Ireland pledge our commitment towards raising awareness about all forms of discrimination, hate, racism and stereotyping happening to migrants’ women and those of African Descent living in Ireland and particularly the women and calling upon the Irish government, and all stakeholders to play their roles to fighting these devices. We demand for equality and action against perpetuators and all those involved in such unethical and discriminatory acts.


As the Africa Centre Ireland, we will continue to speak on behalf of migrants by ensuring that we provide our views to inform policies.


As we celebrate this day as the African diaspora, we also need to be cognisant that, our role as a community is very important as ever in the fight against discrimination and unjust faced by our communities, but we also need to do this with dignity and respect for each other and to be accountable and stop taking each other as fools, as these actions undermine our reputation as African diaspora community. As Nelson Mandela stated, “fools multiply when wise men are silent”. We cannot keep silent on the discrimination and injustice our communities are facing, but we also cannot keep quiet of the misrepresentation and manipulation some members and community groups are doing to our community.


Let’s Break the bias in our communities, Let’s Break the Bias in our Workplaces, Let’s Break the Bias in Schools, Universities. etc


For further information on this statement, please do not hesitate to contact us on Email at:

chairperson@africacentre.ie or at info@africacentre.ie


Happy International Women’s Day from The Africa Centre Ireland’s Team.


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