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Africa Centre Africa Programme Officer

Kumba Bah – is passionate about the empowerment of youths, their participation in decision making and self-development and the preservation of the environment. She is a graduate from the University of The Gambia with Bachelors (BSc) degree holder in Development Studies (Hons) and a minor in Environmental Science.

She has a great passion for reading, writing, arts, politics, critical thinking and networking. She has a focus on making a positive change in every aspect of the life of a Gambian youth. She wants to see, change where Gambian youths can make life at home than embarking on dangerous journeys through the Sahara Deserts and Mediterranean Seas to reach Europe.

Kumba started working for the Africa Centre in Gambian in March 2020. She oversaw the deployment of 19 Gambian diaspora experts from 10 countries, who were placed with government institutions and the private sector as mentors for a 4week programme. Kumba is the Africa Centre Ireland representative in The Gambia overseeing all the organisation’s operations in the country.